The Bible Study with Steven Lawson

Matthew 5:10-12 - Reviled and Rewarded

Episode Summary

In this episode of Dr. Steven Lawson's Bible study, he delves into the profundity of the Beatitudes, specifically focusing on the blessings that come with persecution for righteousness' sake. Dr. Lawson elucidates the paradoxical nature of the Beatitudes, where true happiness is found in what the world may perceive as unfavorable conditions—poverty in spirit, mourning, and here, persecution. He underscores Jesus' candid disclosure of the cost of discipleship, which doesn't promise a life devoid of problems but guarantees divine rewards and eternal blessings for those who endure. By examining Matthew 5:10-12, Dr. Lawson provides an insightful exposition on being "reviled and rewarded," illustrating how persecution for Christ not only aligns believers with the prophets who faced opposition for their faith but also secures for them a great reward in heaven. He emphasizes the importance of responding to persecution with grace and peace, reflecting Jesus' teachings on loving one's enemies and leaving vengeance to God. Through this study, listeners are encouraged to steadfastly follow Christ, embracing the trials that come with discipleship, comforted by the assurance of heavenly blessings.