The Bible Study with Steven Lawson

Matthew 5:9 - A Kingdom of Peacemakers

Episode Summary

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Steven Lawson embarks on a profound journey through the Beatitudes, with a special focus on the role of peacemakers in the Kingdom of Heaven. Dr. Lawson skillfully unpacks the transformative power of embracing and spreading peace, both within our own lives and in the broader community. He elucidates the biblical perspective that peacemakers are not merely passive but actively engage in reconciling conflicts, promoting peace based on truth and righteousness, and embodying the characteristics of the Kingdom of God. Through his verse-by-verse teaching, Dr. Lawson challenges listeners to reflect on their own roles as peacemakers, encouraging us to extend the peace of God to others and to seek reconciliation in a world often marked by strife. Join Dr. Lawson for a compelling discussion that not only deepens our understanding of the Scriptures but also inspires us to live out the profound and peace-filled teachings of Jesus Christ.